Helicon Is Now A Registered Master Builder!

We’re delighted to announce that Helicon is now a registered master builder! This means that we have met the rigorous standards and criteria set out by the industry’s professional body, the Master Builders Association of NZ Inc. This independent quality mark brings with it a number of benefits to our customers. Find out all about it in this month’s lead article.

Helicon Is Now A Registered Master Builder!

It’s with great pride and a sense of excitement we announce that Helicon is now a registered master builder! This represents independent certification that we are an ethical, quality builder that consistently meets the high standards required to be a master builder. Here at Helicon, we are committed to providing the highest standards of care, workmanship and professionalism and so it was a logical step for us to seek that independent quality stamp that marks out a registered master builder. In this article we share our journey and also highlight some of the advantages to you and all our valued customers.

What is a registered master builder?

The registered master builder programme has been set up by the Master Builders Association NZ to professionalise the industry. Being independently assessed as a master builder is a mark of quality that consumers can look for when selecting a builder to work with. Helicon, therefore, has clearly demonstrated that not only do we meet the high standards of workmanship and experience required, we are also a professional and well-managed company.

How do you become a registered master builder?

Becoming a master builder is a rigorous process. We had to satisfy a range of important criteria based on the following:

  • building experience
  • trade and professional qualifications
  • practical management experience
  • high standards of workmanship that met or exceeded the client’s expectations
  • financial probity including written references from the bank, accountant and building material suppliers.

What does it mean for customers?

The biggest benefit for all our customers is that you now have the independent assurance that Helicon is a quality builder. It’s not just us blowing our own trumpet – we have been certified by the industry’s professional body and our master builder status confirmed.

It also means that we have access to the association’s ongoing programme of information sharing and training on all the latest trends, technology and techniques in the building industry. This very much fits in with our ‘learn and create’ slogan as we are constantly refining our service offering to develop innovative solutions for customers.

But perhaps the greatest advantage for the customer is that it means you qualify for the master builder guarantee.

What is the master builder guarantee?

The master builder guarantee is only available through the Master Builders Association and is the most comprehensive home guarantee available today. Offered for purchase to homeowners when working with a registered master builder, the guarantee protects you against any potential building problems such as loss of deposit, non-completion, defective workmanship or materials, structural defects, and rot and fungal decay.

The master build guarantee covers full-contract, residential building, and labour-only work carried out by a registered master builder, as well as work completed by any subcontractors.

And so not only do you have the assurance of working with only the best builders, the Master Builder Guarantee also provides additional security should anything unexpected occur with your project.

Entrust your building project to the experts

Finding a trustworthy contractor is often the most difficult part of any construction or renovation project. Choosing a registered master builder such as Helicon gives you confidence and peace of mind that you’ve made the right selection. And so, if you’re considering building a new home or renovating your existing property, make contact with Helicon – the certified master builders and project management professionals.