Here are some frequently asked questions we answered to save you some time:

1: What are the keys to success in any construction or renovation?

The key factors for success are involving your builder early for practical advice, agreeing on all cost
aspects upfront, and having an open channel of communication with your construction team.

2: How do I choose the ‘right builder’?

There are so many builders on the market, many are excellent. But each construction company has their
own personality and specialty. So not only do you need to find the good builder, but you need to make
sure that the right project is right for your builder. Any good builder can complete a project, but if it is
not their speciality it can take longer or end up being more expensive.
You also need to ensure that the construction company have licensed builders that are able to manage
all aspects of construction. They must fill all legal requirements and can provide the required warranties
and documentation after the project’s completion.

3: How do I get the most from my construction project?

To get the most from your construction project you need to be clear on your intentions. If you know
what you want, then your builder can deliver. It is difficult for a builder to achieve high quality results if
the parameters keep changing. Your builder can help you make these important upfront decisions by
giving expert advice and realistic suggestions.

4: What is ‘quality’ in construction?

Quality is more than using a licensed master builder builder and the right materials. Quality is the
complete experience that you receive both during and after the project. Quality includes clear and
timely Communication, Workmanship, Materials, Service and how we treat your space, and finally post
completion and assistance in obtaining required paperwork. Quality is how do you feel after everything
is completed.

5: What is the difference between a qualified builder and a registered master builder?

A Registered Master Builder is a licensed building practitioner whose business has been checked by the
Master Building association. The process is a thorough one! The building association checks how a
builder does business with their contractors, they check supplier relationships to ensure they are a
trustable partner, and they check the quality of their work by conducting inspections at each different
stage of a construction project.
But it is not just a builder’s skill that is verified, it is also their character and professional practices. That
is why a Master Builder guarantee creates an automatic element of trust.