Top Tips For A Smoother Process

Here at Helicon we know a thing or two about residential building projects, it is after all pretty much central to what we do. And so we also know a thing or two about how best to manage a renovation, extension or building project so that it’s as smooth a process as possible. In this article we draw on our knowledge and experience and share some top tips that will help to make your building project less stressful for everyone involved.

Involve your builder from the very start

We have found that often clients leave it too late before getting their builder involved in the project. Usually clients only look at selecting a builder once the plans have been finalised and all the council consents have been obtained. The truth is though that a builder has a unique perspective and unlike your architect or engineer, is far more focussed on practicalities and whether the plans are doable. You see, we’ve been involved in projects were the plans haven’t been entirely implementable or certain key details are missing. Involving your builder from the get-go means that you can be certain the plans you have drawn up are achievable and all the finer details have been thoroughly considered.

Select a builder who can also project manage the works

Don’t underestimate how much time is involved in managing a residential building project. Many clients try to do it themselves and if you already have a full-time job then this can be a real challenge. Selecting a builder who is also able to project manage the whole process will take a huge burden off you. As well as liaising with engineers, architects and sub-contractors, a good builder will also be able to keep an eye on costs and will ensure the work is completed on time too.

Involve a builder for competitive pricing

As well as being more practically focussed, a builder is usually able to offer cost savings as well. Architects are often primarily concerned with the aesthetics of a building and this can sometimes be at the expense of cost savings. They tend to include features and materials that look the best and often they are also the most expensive choices. By contrast, a builder has vast knowledge of building materials and may be able to suggest a substitute that will look just as good, but without the hefty price tag. Likewise, a good builder can often suggest solutions to a problem that are more cost-effective than those presented by your architect and engineer.

Undertaking a home renovation or rebuild project is a major commitment. It takes time, energy and resourcefulness. Use these tips to make the process as smooth as possible or better still talk to us here at Helicon. We have the necessary expertise in project management and can take away all the strain and hassle. Get in touch on 0800 7000 33 today.