Legacy Project – Passive Appartments

Legacy Project Passive Appartments

There is New Zealand’s first multi-generational, energy efficient house which is based on the principle of "Family Comes First." Three generations of this family, comprised of active grandparents and the two young families of their son and daughter, all wished to live together for mutual support and daily interaction, while also maintaining their independence.

The construction journey of this home unfolded over a span of 2 years, navigating through the challenges posed by Covid lockdowns. From the outset, a commitment to excellence was evident in every aspect of the build. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the house features innovative elements such as SIP panels, an insulated foundation with thermal breaks, SWEGON ventilation, UPVC windows with high insulation value, and an aluminium roof.

A primary client requirement was the use of low-maintenance materials. An intriguing challenge was the incorporation of BGC cladding from Japan, a material unprecedented in New Zealand until this project. This cladding boasts anti-mould properties, ensuring long-term protection and a distinctive appearance, guaranteeing enduring protection and a unique aesthetic that will remain unmatched for decades to come.