Energy Efficient Build, New Lynn

Reiman Street

The cosy home in New Lynn is another of Helicon's projects that successfully overcome the challenges of construction during the Covid lockdowns. The design of the home evolved several times during the construction process, yet we effectively fulfilled all the demands of the discerning clients to create the home of their dreams, where every member of their family feels comfortable.

The sloping terrain posed a unique challenge during foundation construction, addressed with the use of large-diameter treated pine posts. To ensure superior weathertightness, Proclima Intello Membrane, Rigid Rap, insulation with high R-value, and foam underfloor and roof insulation were employed. These features allowed to minimize the impact on the environment. In alignment with the owner's vision, a dedicated EV charger for electric vehicles has been thoughtfully incorporated into the garage space.

Cider windows and expansive sliders from Optimal Windows seamlessly accentuate the uniqueness of this home.